Useful Links

    • Atmel – Produce ICs, famously the AVR 8 bit microcontrollers, powering the Arduino development boards.
    • SparkFun – US based electronics components supplier. Loads of great development boards and useful widgets. Plus lots of useful tutorials.
    • AVRFreaks – Discussion Forum dedicated to the AVR family of microcontollers. A very helpful and friendly community.
    • Arduino – Official home of the Arduino development boards.
    • Pololu – Pololu Robotics and Electronics, full of robot kits, robot parts and robot electronics.
    • CH Robotics – Inertial and Orientation Sensors.
    • DIY Drones – A complete community for building autonomous vehicles, includes hardware, software, community forums and lots of resources.
    • Ponoko – 3D printing and Laser cutting. Lots of different materials for laser cutting including; acrylic  leather, wood, card, bamboo, cork even a gold reflective sheet. 3D printing includes;  plastic, ceramic and even stainless steel !
    • OSH Park – A low cost, batch PCB fabrication site. You send them Gerber or Eagle files for your PCB designs, and they batch them up in to large panels to be fabricated, reducing the cost. The boards are low cost but very professional, the turn around time is pretty quick (2-3 weeks), and the boards are a lovely shade of purple !

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